Monday, May 17, 2004

Pastoral Dreams and Colonial Realities

I can't do much blogging today: I am taking little bunny Ollie to the animal hospital so that she can be shot with radiation.

Colonial House, the reality show in which people live like Americans decades after my ancestors reached the New World, was quite good, even if the participants "slipped out of character" often. I like Don Heinz, the real life scholar of religion and fictional preacher, as well as Michelle Rossi-Vorhees, real life seamstress (she can be bitchy, but she is still cool). Something thing that I find interesting: the participants are caught up in the way they think life ought to be. They are disturbed less by the amount of work they must do than by the fact that it takes all their time. They want to revert to primitive innocence more than experience how people of the era lived (swimming). I also wonder whether the fundamentalist Wyers, if they return, will clash with the more hippy-like Vorhees.


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