Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Big Plans and Big Palms

While I am working on a post for tomorrow on the incompleteness of the Cologne cathedral, I want to mention two books that have come into my possession over the last several days.

The first is a book that H-Net has asked me to review, Der planvolle Staat by Daniel Schloegl. It deals with cartography and spatial planning in Bavaria in the late eighteenth century. It reflect on the importance of cartography for the modernization of the state.

The other is Making Paradise by Kenneth Silver. I bought this book with credit that I had from selling other books (you know--consolidation). It deals with the French Riviera, and how it became the stretch of Mediterranean coast that was most assisted with luxury and leisure. The author credits artists in particular for creating this image. One poignant observation:
There is nothing quite so depressing as a resort past its prime.


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