Thursday, June 03, 2004

Passion for Dafur

Picture from Doctors without Borders

A while back I wrote about the genocide taking place in Dafur, Sudan (report from Doctors without borders). According to Human Rights Watch describes the situation:
[t]he root cause of this humanitarian crisis is the Sudanese government’s campaign of “ethnic cleansing” against civilians of three ethnic groups. ... The crisis in Darfur is a manmade emergency.

There is now a blog dedicated solely to this issue: The Passion of the Present. It gives both current news, links to important reports and suggestion about how to become active. Go read!
These are times when faith seems to be more lost than found, and belief in making a difference is hard to hold onto, especially amidst the warring winds of words blowing through cyberspace. But imagine if millions of people were moved by the Passion of the Present. A donation of the cost of going to a movie to any of the human rights organizations across the world would transform our global landscape. Imagine the candlepower of truth overcoming the firepower of genocide. This world has long endured holy wars that take lives. Imagine one that saves them.


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