Monday, June 28, 2004

Women's Golf Hooligans

Can a tiny town of 13,000 residents host an event that will draw in more than 100,000 in less than one week?

South Hadley is hardly the town to hold an event of the magnitude of the US Women’s Golf Open. There are a few restaurants, one coffee shop, a bookstore, a theater, and not much more. I do not know much about the golf course (The Orchards), but it never looked attractive from the road–others in the area seem more impressive. All that we have is Mount Holyoke College: a beautiful, but small, women’s college with great ivy-covered buildings and an attractive (but not extensive) library. There are no real accommodations, unless people plan to stay more than ten miles away and drive in. Already there is insufficient parking: there are lots set up at the edges of town wherefrom people can take a shuttle to the golf course. There are new signs everywhere that are as confusing to the residents as the visitors.

This is going to be some week, and I will likely have more to say about this.


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