Thursday, July 29, 2004

Convention Notes

I want to mention a few ways that the Democratic convention impressed me.
  • Barack Obama had the best speech, hands down. "We worship a mighty G-d in the blue states ... ." He blew Clinton away, and Edwards was no competition.

  • John Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Clinton, was unfairly ignored. He gave a substantial and thoughtful speech about military policy under Democratic administrations through a pleasant Polish accent. Unfortunately, his speech was shown by no one except C-SPAN.
  • Wes Clark showed that he could move a crowd--one in which many were determined to sit on their hands--with his inspirational speech. How could they put Lieberman on after Wes? I also noted that Kerry took two bits from Clark's schtick: this flag belongs to no party and in order to have family values, you must value families.
  • Off hand, 8 pm on Thursday could have been called the Mischling hour.
  • MSNBC had the best commentary and showed more of the speeches. C-SPAN was, nonetheless, essential viewing.
  • I saw a lot of Joe Trippi on MSNBC: I think people give him too much credit for Dean's successes. The jokes about wanting to know the identity of "Deep Throat" from Bernstein was funny.
  • Technically, Kucinich had the second most delegates--a result that does not reflect the reality of the primary campaign.
  • Finally, bloggers did little to enhance the coverage of the convention. The only big news that came out was that Atrios is a real person. Bloggers who stayed at home had stories and commentaries that were just as good as those who took the trip to Boston.


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