Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hitler Watch
Security Fence
Israel vs. France

  • Call us Nazis! That was what Hitler did!: The History News Network will maintian a list of the Hitler references in political discourse.

  • The Walls between nations: Rua da Jadiara, inspired by the controversy over Israel's security fence along the West Bank, had a series dedicated to the use of security walls and fences in the contemporary world: Beirara de segurana. If you don't read Portuguese, you need to look at the Google translation.

  • Leave for Israel? That's what the antisemites want:

    I have yet to make heads or tails of the Antisemitism in France. The attack never happened, yet the focus in not on the treatment of North Africans, but French Jews. Perhaps it did not help that Sharon called on all the French Jews to immigrant. On the other hand, North Africans have used the situation to spout out all sorts of antisemitic rhetoric.


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