Friday, August 27, 2004

Alsace Hate Watch 2

The newest hateful incident, for once, was not targeted at Jews or Muslims, but at Christians. A protestant cemetery in Wolfisheim was profaned on Tuesday night. Swastikas and insults were painted on tombstones and local walls. However, local authorities suspect that this was an act of retaliation: groups of young people, who hang out around the cemetery, have been chased away regularly. According to the mayor:
Quelques bandes de jeunes venus en voitures se réunissent régulièrement depuis plusieurs mois le soir dans la commune, et notamment derrière le cimetière profané, créant souvent des troubles à l'ordre public qui ont nécessité l'intervention de la gendarmerie.
[Rough translations: For several months groups of youths have come in cars to meet up regularly in the evening in the community, most notably behind the profaned cemetery, often disturbing the public order and necessitating intervention by the genarmerie.]


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