Friday, August 06, 2004

Alsace Hate Watch

[Preface:] Hate crimes in Alsace appear to be increasing in frequency. I am considering reviewing conditions in Alsace for Jews and Muslims on a regular basis.

Last week 34 graves were profaned at a Jewish cemetery in Saverne. A few days later all the Alsatian senators, the prefect of Bas-Rhin, the president of the regional council, as well as local politicians and Jewish leaders, joined together at the cemetery to denounce these incidents. (Link to follow).

Today, 15 tombstones were desecrated with Swatikas and symbols of the SS. These were the graves of Muslims veterans in the military cemetery of Cronenbourg, which is a northern suburb of Strasbourg. The letters HVE were painted on a nearby wall: they are a reference to Heimattreue Vereinigung ElsaƟ, an organization that is illegal because of its ties to Neo-Nazi groups in Germany.

300 graves have been desecrated since April (list of incidents up to early July) (chronology of anti-Muslim incidents since 2002 in France). The police have arrested only a fourteen year old boy. Interior Minister de Villepin has already condemned the desecrations (other condemnations). Adrian Zeller, president of the regional council, has asked for 15-18,000 Euros to serve as a reward for information.


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