Saturday, August 14, 2004

Rising above the footnotes

Good news! Thanks to Geitner Simmons' (of Regions of Mind) numerous recommendations (too many to link on the fly), Ralph Luker and the cast at Cliopatria will add me to their group blog. I could not be happier. Of course, this site will continue ... I still need somewhere to talk about Ollie (the miracle bunny), my little day trips around New England and New York, and my interest in vintage baseball. And I need somewhere to dump my random pictures of Gothic churches and pretend that they are significant.

My wife and I spent the evening with Brdgt of Fear of a Female Planet and her husband--they are leaving for Wisconsin where she will begin her doctoral studies this fall. I know that she will be a big hit. I have to mention the place whereto they took us in Cambridge--I cannot remember the name of it, but it is next a small square across from Tower Records. My wife had a wonderful glass of wine there: Josef Leitz, from the Rheingau--very sweet, but very compact.

Finishing up on my little comparison of Nazis abroad may take a little more time than I expected. I should have Brazil and Czechoslovakia in short order. Alsace and Low Countries cuts very close to my research--I have lots, perhaps too much, to say about Germany's efforts to contact Germans and Germanic ethnic groups. If you are impatient, I recommend looking through Griff nach dem Westen, a wonderful collection about early twentieth-century research into the German borderlands and the movement of peoples into Northwestern Europe.


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