Friday, September 10, 2004

Extremism in Saxony

A recent poll by ZDF of the upcoming elections for the Saxon Landtag (state parliament) reveal some new dynamics in the politics of eastern Germany. The Christian Democrats (CDU) will probably maintain control of the parliament (47%). The left is represented by the "new Communists" (PDS) with 19%. The Social Democrats (SPD) was not popular in the last elections five years ago: they are still not popular (11%), but they have not lost any popularity due to proposed reforms to social programs by Schroeder. The Greens receive a respectable 6%.

If all these numbers reflect established trends in Saxon politics, the growing popularity of the NPD (neo-Nazi party) is disturbing. Receiving 1.5% in 1999, the ZDF poll shows that the neo-Nazi's may win 9% of the vote.

Saxon President Georg Milbradt has called for voters to come out in large numbers in order to keep the neo-Nazis out of the parliament. If there were a NPD member of parliament, foreign investment would be in danger:
If there is a neo-Nazi in the parliament I would have to give up traveling to the United States, where I find most of the investments for Saxony.


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