Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Full Panic Mode

[Aside: I wrote this last night, but Blogger did not let me post it until now]

Oh no! Oh no! Chip and Kim will be in last next week. Oh G-d! They could lose.

Calm down--all the teams end up either on the same flights or waiting in line for some attraction to open up. They can catch up.

But they made so many mistakes! It's the end! They missed the turn off on the highway, and they did not force the twins to yield. It's over! Game over!

It's not over. They did not need the yield against the twins, and they can use a yield in the next episode.

But it is used! Someone uses the yield against Chip and Kim!

Who knows.? They were nice to everyone, so they have a lot of good will. Colin and Christie are more threatening. Besides, was that a black arm reaching into the yield box?

B...B...B...ut even the Moms are ahead.

The previews show Colin throwing a fit. This might be the moment for which we have waited.

They're doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, don't wait for the episode to begin to open that bottle of wine. Start an hour early ... and keep a spare.


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been so much foreshadowing of Colin messing up that it has to happen (they wouldn't be editing the show that way unless it will - I hope!) Plus, the ads are always red herrings, the yield will be meaningless and they never give you glimpse of what really happens.

GO Chip and Kim! (or Moms!)


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Nathanael said...

I would hate for “future misogynist and apologist” to win. But I do not think that the network would shy away from depicting the winners in a bad light. But I also fear that they are the ruthless people who would use the yield, and Chip and Kim are the only remaining couple that has been able to challenge them week after week.

My sole consolation: the “Christians” are learning.


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