Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More Admiration for Chip and Kim

Last night's Amazing Race was a hoot (see summary here). Chip and Kim are fun to watch: they stay cool and collected. Despite making major mistake (they took a taxi when the rules required them to drive, forcing them back to their SUV), they caught up and came in second for the night. I loved how Chip stroked Colin's ego (something which made that high-strung couple more fun to watch in the second half). It is not hard to see why people think they are classy--and hope that they win.

As for other contestants, the Bowling Moms should have just gotten on the train. I don't know how the trains work in India, but in Europe you can get on a train without having a ticket. You might get caught by transit authorities and hit with a heavy fine, but you can run the risk. This point may not be obvious to Americans. The hypocrites (Brandon and Nicole) should have gone for the haircuts. They could survive on a million bucks while their hair grew back. And I am surprised that the twins were able to get money (women traveling without male escorts in Muslim countries don't have an easy time.)


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few seasons ago a mother-daughter team were unable to buy tickets in India because they were unaccompanied by a man and last season several women on various teams were sexually assaulted while on a train in India. The show's restrictions on what class they can travel puts the female team members at a certain degree of risk, since most women in India would travel first class to avoid just such a situation. Of course, I would just punch anyone in the face who touched me, but, ya know...



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