Monday, September 20, 2004

Race on its last legs!

With about twenty four hours left before the finale, here are my thoughts about the Amazing Race. I have spent some time mulling over the spoilers and information gained through unseemly means, and there is not much out there to prove who will win. This is what has been said about the final legs of the race:
  • The main story will probably be about whether Colin can destroy Chip. The sense of betrayal felt by team high strung (Colin and Christie) is unwarranted. Chip yielded them, which is part of the game. As far as I can tell, Colin never gave Chip--or anyone else--any help. The short-lived alliance at the Cairo airport was a fiasco. If memory serves me, Chip helped Colin and Christie in minor ways.
  • One team will be eliminated mid-way through the two hour episode. You can figure out who had been cut and who will remain by looking at the photos taken in Banff.
  • A gossip reporter at E! online claims that one of the teams from this season was chosen to represent the show at the Emmy Awards.
  • Before the season started, the producers claimed that the winner was a surprise. This statement is so vague and oblique that it could mean anything. Of the four teams left, I think that the only legitimate surprise would be if the Bowling Moms won (which would be cool). The other three (Chip/Kim, Christians, and High Strung) have all been strong teams at some point, all ruthless in some way, and I would not be surprised if any of them won. It is more likely that the producers were taken aback by a team that they thought would be eliminated early in the race: the Bowling Moms or Chip/Kim. Another possibility is that something happens in the last episode that makes it seem that one team will be far behind, but wins anyway. Again, the nature of the surprise is vague.
  • One person, looking at the narrative, suggests that the whole season has been written around the redemption of Chip (man trying to find his way through a morally confusing world), and Chip must win in order to complete the journey. This is interesting, but thin.
  • Finally, some have wondered whether the title of the episode is a clue: "You have made me a millionaire." I think that the explanation is a stretch, but here it goes: because of the rules, only two people could say this--Chip or Kim. The members of the other teams would split the $1 million prize; only the married couple would win the entirety of the prize. Yes, anyone can say anything in a moment of joy. Colin and Christie might be close to marriage, but I would find it difficult to hear those words coming from Colin, a business owner who probably has $1 million in capital.
  • The finish I hope for: Chip/Kim, Bowling Moms, Christians, Colin/Christie (take out team that is not in Banff).
Enough thoughts about this for now. Enjoy the finale. Get a good bottle of wine. We might open a bottle of rosé we got from Temecula.


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole and Brandon were at the Emmys (which makes sense - they are the MODELS/christians).

"You just made me a millionaire could be spoken to Phil and considering that the odds are it will be a couple that wins, married or not, they could see it as "our" money.

My money is on Brandon and Nicole, it seems to be the biggest surprise other than the moms.

Of note - the winners have never been the favorite and/or likable team. That is usually the second place team and they are usually the team that got the most out of the race other than money. On the up side - couples that win tend to break up!

By the way, we are going out tonight so we have to tape it!!!!


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