Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Johno, About the Sauce ...

Johno tries to manufacture theoretical victory out of the landscapes of mourning in both Cleveland and Boston. Yes, shifting from Heimat to terroir was clever.
I prefer to think of my Ohio roots as a terroir more than a Heimat. Terroir implies who I am is infused with and informed by Ohio and yet I also carry an identity that is my own besides. Your German-stylee homeland word is a little more freaky-sinister. To me at least, "Heimat" implies that I am the sum total of my Ohio roots, umbilically connected to the place. If that is true, how in the world do I still have all my teeth? I like the dandified French food connotations better, myself.

Had he read my Augé post from yesterday he would realize how weak he is in his terroir. Ultimately the local significance of his Red Sox will lose its specificity and become part of meta-history: how another team became world champions! Besides, the terroir is already weak sauce ... it has more import when discussing regional culinary styles. That is to say, it will tell us how your goose is cooked!

Johno, you did trade up on the sauce: drowning your sorrow will be more efficient with a Sam Adams than any Cleveland swill.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger johnny two-cents said...

Now you've gone too far!

The best beer I have ever tasted, home, abroad, or in my head, has been at the Great Lakes Brewing Company in -- where??? -- Cleveland!

Moreover, terroir connotes wine as much as food, if not more so (one doesn't speak of the terroir of an Alsatian dish, unless made from ingredients specifically from Alsace-Lorraine-area), so I think your analogy is weaker even than my sauce.

So, nyah.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Nathanael said...


There is where you go wrong. Not all cuisines have the reputation of distinctness like Alsatian. Most other regional cuisines are merely adjectives that describe the dish. Your baseball fandom is more ... bayonnais.


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