Saturday, October 30, 2004

Just enough spark?

I prodded Johno of Ministry of Minor Perfidy into reviewing the music and video of Eminem's Mosh. I think that he produced one of his most insightful reviews:

Instead of recycling all the usual Bush Lied/Halliburton crap bit by bit, Eminem distances himself from pat criticisms of the President by putting those words in the mouths of characters and ties up all the criticisms of the President into one mass, putting the focus more on dissatisfaction in general rather than any one charge. ... Eminem reserves a more unfocused disgust with the way things are going ... and by the end of the video he is leading a grim and angry mob into the street to... go vote.

Eminem-- Slim Shady-- has put together the single best populist critique of the post-9/11 Bush Administration, not that that's saying much ...

Eminem has done something unusual, bridging the gap between protests that are both political (aimed against policies and politicians, attempting to encourage action) and critical (disgust over the political system, a la "God save the Queen", that lead to no particular political program).

Johno, great job!


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