Thursday, November 04, 2004

Come on, guys, get writing!

A reminder: Carnivalesque is trying to get posts concerning early modern history (1450-1850) from about anywhere in the world. I know some of my Americanist friends (Brdget, Johno?) can whip something up in a jiffy. You can get details here:

Don't forget: the Early Modernists’ Carnival, Carnivalesque, is coming to Houyhnhnm Land (pronounced “whinnim” or “hwinnimn"), my other weblog. The date will be November 5 (probably late in the evening). If you have written a post in September or October (the first few days of November will be OK, too), or have in surfing the blogosphere come across a post, on the early modern period (broadly conceived - from about 1450 to 1850), send it my way. You can email me through the “Email” link at Houyhnhnm Land, or directly through the following address:

I will contribute my two posts from this week on Bucer (which will continue into next week--too much fun stuff on him).


At 4:46 PM, Blogger johnny two-cents said...

Would adore to contribute. Regrettably, modern life rudely intrudes.


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