Saturday, November 06, 2004

Random Notes

With regards to my recent posts on German capital cities, Bonn has been divested (auf Deutsch) of its status as a center of the federal government. Too bad--the city of Beethoven is much more pleasant than the imperial capital. Hopefully it won't become a suburb of Cologne.

Brandon has (part of) the new Carnivalesque up. It has some great contributions from talented historians (you know, they do stuff before 1800) like Sharon and Claire. BTW, the latter is calling out to early modernists to start up a group blog (isn't Blogger cool?).

On another note, Natalie at Philobiblion is developing an indispensable blog on women's history (particularly British women). Check out this post on the Friendly Female Society.

David at Barista has a post on alter-egos in blogging.

Some of you may be sensitive about the overlap of politics and religion right now, but I recommend you check out Nuno's pictures of voting in his Jewish neighborhood in L.A. (I think it is the Fairfax area).


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've often heard of people voting at religious buildings. My polling place has always been elementary schools (and very close to my home). It's refreshing, especially when they have recently had the kids do a civics project and there are posters up about democracy.


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