Friday, December 10, 2004

Fourth Candle

Synagogue in Subotica

"Durme, durme" is a common Jewish lullaby from the Balkans. There are many different lyrics of the song, and many different melodies, but all tend to do the same thing. They tell the child of the life they can expect: school, marriage, etc.--the process, and sorrows, of life. One of my favorite versions is on The Sephardic Experience, volume 2: Apples and Honey.

Sleep, sleep, my angel
Little son of the nation
Creature of Zion
Know no sorrow.
Why do you ask my name
and why I do not sing?
My wings have been clipped
and my voice has been silenced,
A world of sorrow.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger chlgeorge said...

I really like Sephardic music. Don't know much about it but the bits I've heard sound fantastic.

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