Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Random Notes

The nation's largest yarn store is near us, and they had a big sale today. It was madness. My wife bought a lot of stuff, and if I worry about the cost, I just think about how little I will spend on heating this winter.

Little bunny Ollie is suffering from another eye infection.

Natalie at Philobiblion is, apparently, moving in on my territory, blogging about "Alsatia". She refers to an area north of the Thames, and it was associated with Alsace based on the perception that both were lawless.

Frau Claire is hosting the next Early Modern Carnival. Start inundating her with links (yes, this is also a plea to you Americanists). She also has some interesting posts about women's writing systems in medieval Japan.

Geitner has a mixed post on slave hunters and horse-riding culture in colonial Latin America. (He wrote me a long e-mail that in my laziness I have not responded to.)

BTW, has anyone set up a Carnival/Fastnacht/Mardi Gras Carnival yet?

It's halftime for The Amazing Race. I still love Gus and Hera, but I don't see how they can win. And I hate most of the other teams that are left. BTW, someone should tell Hayden to say no to crack: buy a pair of pants that fit, please!

Le Figaro has its list of best books of 2004. Some of the interesting books deal with the history of the Spanish Civil War, a biography of Charles de Gaulle by his son, Amos Oz's fictionalization of family history, and the posthumously-published novel by Irene Nemirovsky about the early occupation of France.

Something that is being lost under the Asian tidal waters: FBI documents that reference an executive order allowing illegal torture methods.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Brdgt said...

Hayden also needs to either wear a bra or shirt with real straps. I actually like Kris and John, even though I shouldn't. Kendra needs to get slapped instead of Victoria.



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