Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Random Notes

I miss my bunny.

Sharon did an extraordinary job putting the History Carnival together (BTW, thanks for the inclusion) She is also offering to write a short biography about any figure from the early modern period.

Nuno finds the best photographs for every occasion:

Brandon has an interesting post on how Descartes differentiated between creation and procreation.

On place: Peter Levine has this post on how the text of a community can be read by having students collect oral stories. Matthew Cheney links to this article on Feral Cities. And it looks as if Alex Golub's class on the Virtual Worlds would have been fun ... tant pis.

On the Holocaust: The French weeklies L'Express and Nouvel Observateur have numerous articles on the liberation of Auschwitz. Annette Wieviorka says that we should not call it a liberation because the camp was already abandoned, and no one was looking for it. She also reveals that scenes of bulldozers covering over dead bodies in Alan Resnais film were taken after the so-called liberation. Moreover, she says that there is no comparison between the Holocaust and the Brand. There are extracts left behind by the Sonderkommandos (the Jews recruited to dispose of bodies): Zelman Gradowski, Lejb Langfus, Zalmen Lewental. Ian Kershaw summarizes his opinions in this interview. In an article that I would recommend, Jorge Semprun and Alain Finkelkraut discuss the transmission of the history of the camps. (There are plenty of other stories and personal accounts.)

If Vichy had no heart, did it have a spine? Le Figaro reviews Simon Kitson's book on the prosecution of 2,000 Nazi spies in Vichy France, which is described as an attempt to be sovereign despite defeat. Hanamel links to Henryk Ross' photographs of Lodz.

I don't know what to think about the new Battlestar Galactica. Even though it is stronger without all the "Chariot of the Gods" stuff, it looks like it has been culturally whitewashed. And if you want to turn Starbuck into a woman, ok, but don't call her a 'buck'.


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