Thursday, January 20, 2005

So-called reality

When I saw that Jonathan was eliminated, I danced ... first a fox trot, than just some random, pogoing thing.

The race, however, is not as interesting. It is overloaded with ugly Americans. Bolo and Laurie and cartoons, an Kris and Jon are inoffensive. The other three are despicable. Kendra's comments about poverty reveal real bigotry (remember that big famine they had in Ethiopia a few years back?).

On the other hand, I enjoy watching Project Runway. It is the smartest show about the fashion industry. My favorites so far are Kara and Jon. Austin's designs always succeed, but only because he designs in one key only -- everything old Hollywood glamour -- and someone should call him on it.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Brandon said...

Until this season, I had always thought that my primary interest in the show was the things done and seen; it took this thoroughly unworthy bunch to bring home just how big a role the people played, too.


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