Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Something in the water

Perhaps it was the ultimate attempt to prove that environment, not biology, causes gayness, the Air Force attempted to produce a chemical that would stimulate homsexual activity.
The original typewritten document on The Sunshine Project website entitled “Harassing, Annoying, and 'Bad Guy' Identifying Chemicals" was drafted in 1994 at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, where the chemical agent was to be developed. It suggested using aphrodisiacs to render enemy troops sexually attracted to one another. The document suggested developing chemicals weapons that could affect human behavior so that discipline and morale in enemy units was adversely affected. "One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior," the document said. The six-year plan also suggested developing several other "non-lethal" chemical weapons, including one that would inflict "severe and lasting halitosis" in enemy combatants and a "sting me/attack me" chemical that would cause bees to become more aggressive. The Pentagon has reacted to the Sunshine revelation, saying the proposal was rejected out of hand.


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