Saturday, February 05, 2005

Random Notes

Astronomer Bradley Schaefer's believes that he can reimagine the celestial atlas of Hipparcus, made in the mid-2nd century BC but lost when the Library of Alexandria burned down in the 4th century AD, on the basis of the Farnese Atlas, which was made several centuries later. Schaefer will argue (in an article that will be published in may) that "the comparison of the constellations shows a virtually perfect match with the constellation descriptions of Hipparchus" as he would have seen them in his time.

Natalie has this story about monstrous birth in 17th C England (check out the cool graphic). However, she also tries to decipher a cryptic comment about whether or not knowledge of herbs that cause abortions was ever written down.

The Landschaftsverband Rheinland, which has been compiling historical city maps and aerial views, offers a preview into the book with examples of Duisburg :
Joel notes the survival of Volga Germans.

Frog in a Well discusses whether or not the custom of calling women by their first names, men by their last should be perpetuated in historical scholarship.

Muninn comes up with some great sources for Nazi propaganda material in Norway.


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