Friday, February 25, 2005

Random Notes

I am so tired. From 5.30 until 8 all I heard was the sound of plows scratching the asphalt and ancient snow blowers. I had no sleep, and my lecture today stunk (I had to keep backing up to pick up points I had forgotten, and in the process confused my students. At least we had a discussion about Antigone that was better than I expected).

History Carnival #3 is up. Rob did a tremendous job bringing together posts. He noted my own writing on the Icelandic Sagas and the Vinland Map, which is one of the strongest things I have written. There are other gems: I have intended to comment on this post from Frog in a Well about the inclusion of women in Feudal Japanese history. The post touched a nerve because I feel that my own dissertation, on the surface, appears devoid of women, which disappoints me (the books of Clara Viebig being the major exception). However, I have been self-conscious about teaching women's agency in the Ancient world -- how can you make students believe that there were avenues to power for women if they used their assets (broadly speaking) wisely? (I have even consulted with several women's historians, who have said that I am approaching the material the right way, but still I feel dirty.) I intend to comment on some of the other posts when I get the time to read them.

I hope that Johno gets better, or that his convalescence is long enough to achieve his goal of reading fifty books this year. Note all that Mieville -- not an easy task. Ditto Natalie.

On the Carnival note, I drew the lot for Carnivalesque in May. Natalie and Philobiblion hosts the next one at the beginning of March, so there is still time to send in entries. Thereafter, send all your posts to me!!! Especially some Gallicists and Germanists -- I can't be the only one. BTW, should a yid hold Carnival? How about a temporary name change, like Purimesque?

I am still reading Sebald's Austerlitz in German -- I would like to say that I am savoring it slowly, but truth is that the vocabulary is a bit specific for me to read quickly. Something else that I have been enjoying is Cuentos de Cuanto Hay, a bilingual collection of folktales from New Mexico. Some common motifs: girls who hide away in boxes, giants who take away young girls, and princes who come back from war to find that their secret fiances are missing. I also must recommend the series Crisis and the Arts: the History of Dada for its utility.

Rua da Judiaria has a new address. Check out this post (in Portuguese -- c'mmon, it's not that hard) about music from the Uganda community that converted in the 1980s.

H-France also has a new home.

Joel at Far Outliers looks at Graham Greene's Power and the Glory, a novel that I looked at a while back. Is Greene experiencing a resurgence?

Sharon links to Little Professor's post about crit-words that should be dumped or that have outworn their welcome. For the record, when I say map I mean it!

The internet is lonely without Frau Claire.

I have been following the Supreme Court case against eminent domain in New London, CT. I think this is a case of overextended authority. As the attorney for the residents said, "Should a city take over a Motel 6 because a Ramada Inn would bring in more money?" City Comforts has an excellent analysis and roundup of links on the subject.

Pearsall look at lifestyle in the face of demographic trends.

Finally, it was so cool that Jay McCarroll won Project Runway. I hope that he makes this argyle-as-network for men as well.


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