Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Random Notes

In my search for an English language translation of Burchard of Mt Sion's travels in the Holy Land, I found some interesting links related to cartography and the history of travel.

For those of you who know French, the Centre de Recherche de la Litterature des Voyages post its lectures in audio format and as well as written summaries. Civilizations and Lost Cities in Travel Literature (from the Rennaissance to Romanticism) is exciting. There is a vast range of topics, some looking at the rediscovery of antique cities, others to the imagination of Jerusalem in the colonization of Brazil. Well worth some of your free time.

This site, the remnant of a museum exhibit, has some wonderful examples of early modern maps of the Holy Land.

Brandon links to sites on early modern sermons. My favorite line comes from the Jonathan Edwards' sermons:
THERE IS NOT GOSPEL PREACHED IN HELL. Christ did not die for the damned... had no respect to that world... to those in this state... any more than to the devil. No means of grace Means of grace not accommodated to that state. No manner of provision made in any respect for their relief. No aid. Preaching of the Word don’t reach them. The prayers of saints, of godly friends, don’t reach them.

Natalie has returned to Jill Ker Conway, who was the president of Smith Collge (for those of you who still remember the valley, read here and here).
She starts off being perhaps unsurprisingly gushy about Harvard when she first arrives ... But she does eventually arrive at a more balanced view, especially when one of her housemates is denied the cherished lectureship at Harvard because she is female, despite winning the prize for the best English thesis in her year.


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