Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Sweet Release the End of the Semester will Bring

I am out of gas (if that is not obvious). I have been preparing my lectures until the end of the semester (two more after today -- Boethius will loom large). I have prepared a study guide for the exam and the exam itself (again, Boethius will loom large). I've been searching for cheap accommodations in Strasbourg (please, someone). Because of allergies I feel miserable. Because of Passover I alternate between starvation and indigestion. And I am afraid that one of my students had problems for which he must seek help.

Mili is turning into a horny little bunny.

However, don't let that spoil your fun: May 1 is Carnivalesque! So far I have received one ... ONE POST! You must have writing or seen something of interest. If so, send it to rhineriver***at***earthlink***dot***net.

If I have the energy, I will have a post about Rilke and his analysis of the relationship between the body and landscape.


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