Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I hate our freedom

That's right, I'm off to France. The dusty archives call, but so do many other pleasures. I get to drink bottles of (Tokay) Pinot Gris, stare for hours at the Gothic wonders of the Strasbourg Muenster, watch the lights glisten off the Îll River, hike through Vosges Mountains. And yes, I'm saying this to make all the Americanist jealous. You can't have as much fun when you are studying in DC or Worcester. Ha!

I'll post a few things here while I am gone (including finishing my thoughts on Jahrtausendfeier), but I switch into diary mode while I am away. I will post regularly at Reise-Krise. I should start postings on Monday. Until then, check out the wealth of stuff in the current History Carnival, courtesy of Sharon Howard. I also recommend Geitner's post on how American political parties campaigned to Hispanos in Los Angeles in the 1850s.


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