Sunday, July 17, 2005

La Douleur

Emmanuel Dongala's Johnny Chien Mechant has been translated and published in the US under the title Johnny Mad Dog (link to NY Times Review). The book is a fictional look of the effects of civil conflict and guerilla warfare on children.

Still on Africa, Joel notes an article about the relationship between the economics of African misery and tyranny. The author makes the point that the Live 8 concerts did nothing to raise conscioussness about the need for political reform. Joel drives the point home:
Ending dictatorships by military force is the easy part. Nation-building is nowhere close to being an Olympic sport yet. Not even an exhibition sport.
Frog in a Well's Japan Annex notes the creation of the Women's Active Museum on War and Peace, which will focus on sexual slavery during WWII.

On the tenth anniversay of Srebrennica, Tim at Where Project remembers his own experiences with Bosnian refugees.


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