Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Random Notes

José, we can see! Now that Rafael Palmiero has been caught red-handed (or with something in his urine), will more of the sports icons that Conseco named fall? Will a steriod user be elected to Cooperstown?

Some history. The new History Carnival is up at Willism. Very extensive. I recommend two posts, one on the misuse of ethnology in Middle Eastern studies (get comfy, it's long), the other a history of TB. Still on medival history, the Turkish Daily News has an article on Ottoman medicine (in English, free subscription required).

Pennies for your thoughts? The largest caché of pfennigs ever found were discovered in Lower Alsace (article in French). The man who discovered them intends to sell them as one rather than break up the collection. They date from from the sixteenth to eighteenth century and bear clear marks from where they were minted. I hope someone will be able to study them to understand early modern commerce.

Siris-Origen Alliance. Brandon has an interesting post on the different concepts of personhood and how they hold together.


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