Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Reading

Check out the blog of the bizarre Jewish cowboy of Texas, Kinky Friedman. Bound to make you laugh ... and think. (Hat-tip to Rua da Judiaria.)

Le Monde interviews architect Jean Nouvel ("La provocation n'est pas un moteur architectural (Provocation does not drive architecture"). Nouvel defends his ethic of architecture that incorporates design into innovation, which is being referred to as the Louisianian paradigm. Architecture must "serve the spirit of place", being "a stage in an evolution that should be inscribed in geographical and historical continuity".

In the Boston Globe article, "In Namibia, 'Stink Bay' residents seek a whiff of change", the cities along Namibia's coast attempt to get rid of the aweful odors produced by its industries that making urban life intolerable.

"Why Greater Israel Never Came to Be" in the NY Times takes the withdrawal of settlers from Gaza as the failure of a nationalist paradigm of geography.

As World Youth Day in Cologne approaches, Deutsche Welle looks at the spirituality of German youth ("Traditional Piety Rare Among German Youth", in Enligsh). "German youth of today are not necessarily becoming less religious; they are simply less interested in experiencing God through the mediation of the church." Die Welt asks which Ratzinger returns home to Germany: one that reflects the drive of German liberal theologians, or a more conservative southern Germans? (Auf Deutsch)

London Review of Books has an article on how ancient Greece was read in the landscape of modern Greece in travel literature. (Hat Tip: No Great Matter)


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Brdgt said...

I saw a story on Kinky Friedman on Sunday Morning or some other such show and found him rather amusing.
Thanks for the article on Namibia - I'm off to read it.



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