Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuning out already?

The season premiere of the Amazing Race annoyed me. The family edition has some major flaws, and I might tune out before season's end.

Teams composed of adults seem to have advantages over those with children. The first team eliminated, the Blacks, had two children under twelve. The team was clearly slowed down because the children could not keep up with the physical tasks.

If anything bugged me about the family dimension, it was that teams were too large. Too many people to keep track of, and the people who shrieked the most were adults.

What? Are there no families with homosexual parents? Could they not find a gay couple who would race with their children? Is there at least one adopted kid, unmarried parent or broken home in the mix?

Did one team say that New Yorkers "hung out on the street like monkeys?" If someone has a tape, could you rewatch that part?

I would guess that one of the adult teams will win, either the Aiellos or the Godlewskis. Since that's too easy, I will root for the Schroeders.

Despite my dislike of the family angle, I realized that I would like a show that focused on travel within the US/North America or that used plane travel less. But I hope that they don't drive those SUV's throughout the series. There are trains in the US (albeit bad ones).


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Brdgt said...

I think the most annoying thing for me is how large the teams are - it's way too busy and you can't hear anyone.

I happen to know a "non-traditional" family that applied, and I'm sure lots of different kinds of families applied, so it really bothers me that they didn't cast a more diverse group. Were they afraid they would scare away "family-friendly" viewers?



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