Friday, October 28, 2005


French Medievalist Zid has found a new home. Check out Médiévizmes.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger Jonathan Dresner said...

I did a google translation on the front page. I loved this passage:

Dear fellow travellers, dear new readers, for one day or a month or a year or more still, you all which know me more or less, I write for you above all: not pseudo-onanisme arts person. Far from being to reposoir it pen-pushers of the flattened knowledge, the History such as I want to practise it am and must remain a discipline of combat. One of my Masters had written to me, in an already old email, that, historians for the action, we were as these cleaners of sliced war 14-18 (remember, " Conan Captain "), irregular forces bloody scouts who, venturing in the first lines, emptied of them the bowels with the body with body. The comparison, to be strong, is not less true: with the historians who are ready to risk themselves in the action (because there are risks, the seraglio is not tender with the burned heads), it belongs to advance through networks of barbed wires, going down in most obscure cagnas, fighting there without mercy with our worst enemies: done everything ideas, intellectual conventions and suitabilities, thorny historical files, bags of nodes of files, a past revived to be sometimes massacred again (zombie!) under the hands of our predecessors even of our contemporaries. The History is made the knife between the teeth.

I feel like that sometimes. Speaking of trenches, now I gotta go do some grading....


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