Sunday, November 20, 2005

Uncle, Uncle, UNCLE!

The boys at Ministry of Minor Perfidy, in the most perverse act ever, have composed the most abstruse poll ever. Don't look under the fold, unless you want your brain to burst. Some of the questions garnered random cursing from me.

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  • Philip Glass or Terry Riley? Glass (though I prefer Michael Nyman)
    # Milton or Dante? Dante, all the way
  • Mission of Burma or Gang of Four? Burma (Gang of Four asked for way too much money on their tour)
  • Buzzcocks or Wire? Buzzcocks, only because their more fun and sounded better live
  • Webern or Berg? Berg – can’t get enough Woyzeck
  • Vico or Spengler? Spengler was a dick, so Vico by default
  • Addison or Steele? Steele, unless you meant Lexington Steele
  • What’s your favorite Goethe poem? I’ll go with Johanna Sebus for romantic reasons
  • What’s your favorite Keats poem? if you read the previous poll, you’d know I wasn’t an Anglophile
  • What’s your favorite de Kooning work? meh
  • Art Moderne or Bauhaus? Bauhaus
  • Clarke or Asimov? Clarke
  • Joyce or Pynchon? Joyce (don’t believe I picked him as my favorite anything)
  • Dreiser or Dos Passos? Dreiser (more familiar with his work)
  • Lucchese or Gravano? beats me
  • O’Connor or Welty? neither strike my fancy
  • The New Criterion or The New Yorker? New Criterion
  • Granta or The Paris Review? Granta
  • Ghengis Khan or Alexander The Great? Ooh, good question: Ghengis Kahn
  • Jean-Luc Godard or Krzysztof Kieslowski? Godard
  • Nino Rota or Ennio Morricone? Morricone
  • The Romance of Three Kingdoms or Journey To The West? not familiar with either
  • Bolshoi or Mariinsky? no opinion
  • Alvin Ailey or Jerome Robbins? Robbins
  • Laphroaig or Lagavulin? &^%##%^
  • Golden Cavendish or cube-cut Virginia? um, er, uh ....
  • Beluga or Savruga? Whatever they put on my salmon roll
  • My Favorite Things or A Love Supreme? A Love Supreme, just for the opening bassline and the brilliant drumming
  • Beethoven: better at Cleveland under von Dohnanyi or New York under Bernstein? Bernstein
  • Chanson de Roland or Orlando Furioso? Only read Chanson de Roland
  • Esalen or Chautauqua? Chautauqua
  • Grand Crus: Montrachet or Chambertin? no opinion
  • Explain the faults in reasoning in act ii, scene three of King Lear. Hmm, when was is that Lord Ichimonji was forced to leave his palace?
  • Guryevich or Tolstoy? Tolstoy
  • Kepler or Brahe? Brahe
  • Louenhoek or Galileo? Galileo
  • Ruprecht or Heeringen? must remain neutral
  • Castelnau or Bulow? I don’t know which Castelnau, but von Bülow was a jerk
  • Best military memoir - Gallic Wars or the Anabasis? Another good one: Gallic Wars
  • Most literate general - Wellington or Caesar? Caesar
  • What, in your opinion, is the single greatest flaw with the new Michelin Guide: New York, and what differentiates it from Zagat? #$%^&^%$#@$%^&
  • Which is the correct condiment for a roast beef on sourdough: aioli or brown horseradish mustard? And what cheese would be most appropriate for that sandwich: farmhouse cheddar or washed-rind tomme? since I’m veg and kosher, I am a bad person to ask, but I’d go with the mustard and cheddar
  • For a five course formal dinner, how many spoons would you find to the left of the dinner plate? none–trick question
  • Who’s your favorite Muslim naturalist? there are Muslim naturalists?
  • Who was more important in the decline of Christianity in the west, Descartes or Newton? Descartes
  • Whose Protestantism (Puritanism) do you feel had more of an effect on the shaping of the American politicial and social landscape: John Calvin or John Owen? Owen, if you give him a gun
  • Favorite sophist? Lucian
  • Who do you feel was more responsible for the development of the Calculus, Newton or Leibniz? Leibniz, only ‘cause Newton is a jerk
  • Euclidian or Reimann [sic] topology? shot in the dark: Riemann
  • Which Superstring theory is most likely to survive intact if M-theory proves valid? $%^&*
  • Favorite pre-Revolution Russian mathematician and why? (&**&^%^$
  • DiBergi or Smithee? I can't resist picking Meathead
  • Sidd Finch or War Of The Worlds? abstain


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