Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Welcome Mat

Oh my G-d! I have received as many hits in the last hour as I normally do in five days! All for my post about my experiences of Muslims and Africans in Europe, Strangers on a Train. I can't thank Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit enough for giving me some attention, or Geitner Simmons for recommending my post to him.

Unfortunately, I wish I could offer more to such a prestigious audience. This is a history blog, a reflection of my experiences studying the peoples who live around the Rhine River and their struggles to define their place in the world. Because of my trips to various places in France and Germany, I have had the opportunity to meet people who try to make a place for themselves among people who do not always accept them as members of the same community. The experience seems to be the same, even though the legacies of France and Germany are so different.

Anyway, if you care to look around, you might be interested in some of my writing on European history. My topics can be 'recondite,' as one friend describes them, but they are well informed. Here are some posts that might interest you:
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