Saturday, December 24, 2005

Secret Pages

Funny how readily accepted the story of the student whose library habits earned him a visit from Homeland Security; also funny how quickly the academic community has become furious over the hoax.

I have often wondered whether I have come to the attention of any in the government for my politics. [Click here to read more.] My views tend to be to the left, but at times I strongly sympathize with the sentiment of conservative views. My dissertation has a strain that regards Catholic politics as a viable democratizing force. On the other hand, I have voice my opposition to the president and my resentment over the results of his policies. I volunteered for Democratic opponents. Visiting Morocco five years ago must put me in the 'person of interest' category (whatever that is supposed to mean) at the very least. Oh, let's not forget this fine blog --definitely suspicious!

I found the idea that checking out Mao's Little Red Book a little romantic (as well as shocking.) It hearkened back to the early 19th C when books themselves could be considered dangerous, and border authorities strictly regulated their circulation. It reminded me of Strasbourg under the July Monarchy, when the city's presses published all the German nationalist weeklies for export. It reminded me of the cheap handbills spread by the communist resistance in occupied Paris. It hearkened back to a time when academics were taken seriously as political contributors.


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