Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Reading

blogI won't post much today: Rob MacDougall has ample material in the current History Carnival to keep someone reading all day, if not all week. This edition is heavy on article on teaching history, which corresponds well with the Teaching Carnival, which should appear sometime today at Ancarett's Abode. I would mention, in brief, the numerous articles that appeared in the last two weeks on the incredible, shrinking Chirac (like this one). Other Predecessors of Satan ... is an interesting read; Zid makes his own plea for the indepedence of the discipline of history.

Another OB appointment this week, and everything is going well. No pictures, though. I also found a used copy of Bunnygrunt's Action Pants.

BTW, take the time to wish Barista's David Tiley well.


At 5:38 AM, Blogger snorri the goblin said...

Thanks. I am really touched.

Today I had the final all clear from the doctor..

And offer a big shout-out to our medical system, which provided very skilled care by very caring people.

Snorri is Barista btw. I set this thing up just to play with blogger to advise a friend, and it is taking on a life of its own, as they had cunningly planned when they set up the system.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Nathanael said...

I'm glad the scare is over. I have been thinking about you since I read your first post.


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