Thursday, February 09, 2006

What would Coretta Scott King's funeral been without the radical politics? Probably as lifeless as the Sly and the Family Stone tribute at the Grammys. He even looked bored: he walked before it was all over (but it could have been some other problem.) And someone tell Joss Stone (no relation) that 'Family Affair' is not sexy.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger johnny two-cents said...

bored isn't it. Sly has what appears to be debilitating social anxeties and may be an acid casualty besides. Notice that he forgot to sing some of his lines and wasn't playing anything on his keyboard that had to do with the song at hand.

As for Joss Stone, all she ever has done for me is prove how far she has to go for her taste to live up to her talent.

MOREOVER, the entire Sly at the Grammies deal seems to have been an ad by Sony for their excrescent turdlet, Different Strokes By Different Folks, which I got a review copy of and hated worse than John Elway. Which is a lot.


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