Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Random Notes

Wow! The weather has warmed a bit over the weekend. I even saw Kim Gordon strolling Northampton in shorts.

Collectivization: NaNoWriMo has begun (thanks to Aeogae for the tip). It's an orgy of writing, 50,000 words in one month, as a means of jumpstarting whatever literary projects have been lurking in the back of one's brain. Not only is Aeogae participating (you can track her progress at her blog, ), but also Buckethead at Ministry of Minor Perfidy. Also, Buckethead has assembled an incredible Carnival of Music. Not to be outshone, the latest History Carnival is up at (a)musings of a graduate student and Carnival of Feminists. Finally, the history bloggers will pat themselves on the back in the first History Blogging Awards. Just like in American elections, you can go here to vote and vote often.

The Paolos? I gave up on this team early when they got lost in their own backyard and spent the rest of the episode arguing. Now first place two weeks in a row? They work together, compliment each other, respect each other, and hustle. On the other hand, I have no words for the family who call the other teams 'retarded' and accuse women of having breast implants.

Divine judgment: Rua da Judiaria pulls out a great document from the Jewish community of Hamburg. In the document, the community, composed of Sephardim who fled from the Inquisition in Portugal, comments on 1756 earthquake in Lisbon. (Read it in English).

Battling On: Jonathan Dresner noted that in his inaugural post at his new home, Zid compared the historian to the second-rate soldiers who kept the peace in Eastern Europe after WWI. I love the reference of Tavernier's film, but this line is priceless:
History puts the knife between the teeth.
To the front!


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Brdgt said...

Awh, Kim-sighting :)

The Paolos are growing on me too. The Weavers are evol on many levels. First and foremost - hotpants are evol.

Unfortunately I don't get to choose whether I'm going to write three papers this month...


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